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cover-small Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years, initially as a way of life and religion and more recently to reduce the stress and anxieties of westernised culture. A meditation session can last as little as 15 minutes, but with regular practice one can overcome these stresses and strains, leading to a more fulfilled life. Techniques such as simple breathing exercises or ‘pranayama’, mantras and the use of mala beads can be practiced almost anywhere and any time of day and thus is an unrestricted and versatile practice.Use the form to download our free 46 page ‘Beginner’s Guide to Yoga and Meditation’.

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The purpose of this website is to introduce you to the basic concepts of meditation without any bias towards a particular method. It is good practice initially to practice the different types and find one that suits your needs and one that you feel comfortable using. We have included a wide range of resources from different breathing exercises, informational videos and mind exercises to more advanced philosophies such as japa or mantra practice and also the Chakra healing system.

There are many different types of meditation.  Popular methods include ‘Mindfulness Meditation, ‘Transcendental Meditation’, ‘Vipassana’ and ‘Zen Meditation’ are used worldwide and each offers something different.

There has been much research into the practice and effects of meditation. Dr Herbert Brown’s ‘Relaxation Response‘ was developed through research with Buddhist Monks at a Tibetan monestery and regular practice of Transcendental Meditation reduced the risk of heart disease and heart related problems.

Meditation music has  been specifially designed to alter  brainwaves creating a more relaxed state of mind. When we are alert our minds create Beta waves; as we relax and move into deeper meditative states, brainwaves change to Alpha, Theta and Delta waves.

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From the moral levels of Yama and Niyama to the physical Asanas and Pranayama to the deepest level of meditation, Samadhi.


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