Meditation Music


Different sounds can alter our mental state and evoke memories of past events and emotionally replay thoughts and feelings of that time. Music can be a very powerful tool in with the ability to change between the various states and also have a positive impact on our health and general well-being.

There are five main types of brainwaves, each with different frequencies. Each type of brainwave is linked to differing states of mind:-

Delta Waves
The frequency of delta waves are 1-3 waves/cycles per second. They are the slowest of the brain waves and occur during very deep sleep. With regard to meditation delta waves are associated with Samadhi (deepest state of meditation).  Increasing your delta waves reduces levels of the cortisol hormone. The cortisol hormone is responsible for increased aging and thus listening to delta waves will lower the levels of cortisol produced, reducing the signs of aging.

Theta Waves 
The frequency of theta waves are 4-8 waves/cycles per second and associated with deep meditation and  hypnosis, your brain engages theta waves during the twilight zone between consciousness and sleep. You may feel a sense of floating. Increasing your theta waves develops greater self emotional awareness, advanced creativity and advanced learning.

Alpha Waves
The frequency of alpha waves are 9-14 waves/cycles per second. Alpha waves are the  dominant waves during  meditation, when one is more relaxed. They are assoicated with a wandering mind and a sense of peace. Meditation starts at this level. Increasing your alpha waves will help one become more creative, stress free and heal.

Beta Waves
The frequency of beta waves are 15-30 waves/cycles per second. Beta waves generally occur when you are most alert and awake and are the most dominant of all the waves; our brains are in Beta most of the time and affects the left hemisphere of the brain. Increasing your beta waves may lead to higher levels of concentration, increase motivation, increased energy and increased focus but too many beta waves may result in stress.

Gamma Waves
The frequency of gamma waves is 30 – 70 waves/cycles per second. Gamma waves are mainly supported by the other wave forms. Increasing gamma waves increases memory function, stimulates the five senses and groups the senses as a whole, increases motivation and the ability to learn quickly.



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