Beta Waves in Brainwave Entrainment

There have been many scientific studies into the benefits of regular meditation practice to improve the mind, body and general well-being.  Some of the benefits include lower levels of stress and anxiety leading to improved health, clearer thinking and thought processes and greater creativity. When we meditate, our brains initially  function between 9-14 cycles per second, this is Alpha state. To achieve this state we must first transition from Beta state.

The frequency of beta waves is 15-30 waves/cycles per second and occur when you are alert and awake, thus our brains are in Beta most of the time. Increasing the brains beta waves may lead to higher levels of concentration, increase motivation, increased energy and increased focus but too many beta waves may result in stress, this type of brainwave is more prevalent in adults as opposed to children who generally function at Alpha level.

Some of the benefits of increased Beta waves include:

Increased Focus: A lack of focus leading to lack of clarity can be incredibly frustrating. Increasing your beta brainwaves will re-establish your focus and may subsequently increase your focus leading to more clarity and greater productivity.

Issue Resolution: Issues can be resolved rationally and logically. ‘Thinking’ processes are accelerated allowing quicker conclusions and resolutions.

Quicker Thinking: Increased beta wave activity will increase your concentration levels and focus which will lead to quicker thinking.

Increase in Energy Levels: People that have low beta activity generally have low energy levels. Increase your energy levels by listening to Beta music and thus increasing your Beta brainwaves.

Higher IQ: Studies have proved that people with increased levels of beta activity tend to have higher IQ. With increased focus, it is easier to  learn and retain information.

Extremely high levels of activity will manifest in high intense levels of energy and excitement. The brainwave activity of athletes will naturally be at a higher levels enabling increased performance, the competition leads to high levels of anxiety, increased adrenaline determination.

Modern technology has allowed us as practitioners to experience the different brainwaves and thus benefit from regular practice. One modern technique is brainwave entrainment and uses the stimulus of sound to entrain your brain. With regular practice you will be access the brainwaves at will.


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