An Introduction to Sophrology

The word sophrology stems from the Greek  Sos Phren Logos:-

SOS meaning Harmony
PHREN meaning Consciousness
LOGOS A study of

Developed in Spain in 1960 by Prof Alfonso Caycedo and only recently being adopted in the UK, there is lots of research currently being undertaken. Prof Alfonso Caycedo has practised and studied Yoga, Tibetan Buddhist meditation , hypnosis and Japanese Zen and ultimately allowed him to create sophrology and as Prof Caycedo calls it ‘learning to live’. It is also known as ‘moving meditation’ and ‘dynamic relaxation’.

For the past 50 years sophrology has been predominant in France and Switzerland being to taught to school children, taught in hospitals, to the police amongst others. The application of Sophrology is very broad and can be applied to daily lives, sport, work, relationships, childbirth and other areas.

Sophrology is a self development technique that uses physical and mental exercises to try and achieve an alert mind and relaxed body. It is a combination of meditation breathing and relaxation techniques that encompass gentle movement as well as visualisation. There are no complicated postures, does not require huge amounts of time and no equipment to purchase.

Exercises are made up of simple techniques such as breathing, body scans, visualisations and simple movements.Regular practice of these techniques will allow you to be present in the moment and enable you enjoy and fulfill all aspects of you life as well as promoting good health and well-being. Regular practice will also lead to a more restful sleep, inner happiness and contentment with less worries, improved focus and concentration. It allows us to nourish the good parts of our being allowing them to become healthier and eradicates the parts of our being that less healthier.

A Simple Example

Close your eyes
Breathe in
Hold for a few seconds whilst tensing the muscles in your body
As you exhale release all your muscles and completey let go
This allows the body and mind to slow down

A Typical Sophrology Exercise?

A sophrologist will talk you through a series of basic simple exercises that starts with focusing on each part of the body, tensing and then releasing and ultimately energizing.

Next the sophrologist will guide you to focus on a specific subject, for example, you may be invited to notice how your body experiences calmness. Practice will allow you to reproduce the same physical feelings of this calmness on a regular basis and apply it in your daily life and routines.

If there is a pending event that you are worried about, the sophrologist can gear the exercise to focus on that theme. Common themes include public speaking, examinations, issues in relationships plus many more.

The ultimate goal is to improve oneself generally but also to strengthen areas of our life where we may feel we are more vulnerable.

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