Alpha Waves in Brainwave Entrainment

Alpha WaveBrainwave entrainment is an increasingly popular method that allows you to reach a particular brainwave state via the use of audio technology. The technology used in the practice of meditation for the purpose of brainwave entrainment is binaural beats. A different sound wave is played in each ear through one piece of music; your brain will recognize that there are differences and create a third wave. It is third wave that we try to achieve. For the purpose of this discussion, there are 4 brainwave states, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. In this article we discuss the Alpha Brainwave State.

The frequencies of the brain vary depending on what a person is doing at a specific time whether that is being creative, exercising, sleeping or general day to day activities.

Alpha waves frequency range from 7 to 14 hertz or cycles per second and typically occur when we are asleep but the transition from Beta waves starts when we are totally relaxed (typically 14 cycles per second), almost in a dreamlike phase. Meditation starts at this level ultimately creating a sense of inner calm and peace and opening up the ability to heal.  When we meditate for a period of time, the effects are similar to that of a good night’s sleep in that the body and mind feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Have you ever been a situation whereby overthinking or over analysing leads to less or zero creativity and ends up creating a negative feel to the point where it is necessary to walk away and forget about it for a while, and coming back later on helps to think from a different perspective. Imagine the thought and creativity that could be achieved after a mediation session.

The benefits of the brain being in alpha state include improved concentration, clearer thought and mental processes, a release of tension, stress and anxiety which allows better decision making abilities, stimulation in imagination and creativity.

With regular practice and allowing the brain to reach deeper levels, the ability for your brain to reach Alpha state will become habitual and a lot easier, allowing you to fall asleep easier thus achieving consistently good nights of sleep which in itself has many health benefits such as an improvement in your immune system and a decrease in the amount of cortisol (the stress hormone) produced ultimately slowing down the aging process.

Depending on the environment in which you meditate will determine the effectiveness of your meditation session. It is important to find a quiet environment in which distractions are minimal. Reaching Alpha state will become easier the more you practice.

  • Begin by taking deep, slow breaths until you are in a more relaxed state and your brain starts to feel clearer and less cluttered.
  • Whilst you are breathing deeply and slowly, focus on your breathing, all the time being aware of the Alpha music playing in the background.
  • Once relaxed, visualize the number 10 slowly and gradually being transformed into the number 9, then being transformed into the number 8 and so on until you reach the number 1. Visualizing these numbers will trigger the part of your mind responsible for the alpha frequency.
  • Reciprocate this exercise by starting from 1 and again transforming each number into the next until reaching the number 10.
  • At the end, open your eyes and become aware of your environment allowing your body and mind to readjust to reality.
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