Guided Chakra Meditation

Even though millions of people worldwide meditate on a daily basis, there are still many people who believe that meditation is something that only priests and monks perform as part of their belief system. Although it is necessary to reach a reasonably relaxed state just prior to meditating, people cannot even imagine reaching a state of mind and a body so relaxed to reach even this initial state.

Free Guided Meditations

If you are just beginning your journey into meditation, it may be advisable to start with chakra meditations and guided meditations which will help with the problem mentioned above.

Guided meditation is best for those people who want to start meditating and thus start cleansing their chakras, but struggle to reach the level of relaxation and focus needed for meditation. Guided meditation offers a guidance throughout the process of meditation. In the initial stages, practitioners need someone to talk to them with a mellow, soothing voice, someone to guide them, tell them what to do and how to relax.

Chakra meditation is used to cleanse  chakras and allow the practitioner to reach a state whereby the body and mind will be completely relaxed and ready for any challenge they encounter; many people are now beginning to take up this form of meditation. Some practitioners may require the assistance of an experienced meditation teacher or Guru to cleanse their chakras, so a guided chakra session is the best option.

Guided chakra meditation is a form of meditation that should be used if the practitioner needs to relax, develop focus and cleanse. Chakra meditation will open up the chakras allowing the cleansing process to take place and thus the healing.

Meditation for the 7 Chakras

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