Obtain Peace of Mind through Guided Meditation

For many people, the practice of meditation is one of the best ways to calm the mind and obtain peace and clarity of the mind. With the current busy lifestyles,  many factors can affect the daily and regular activities of a person and thus more and more people are discovering the incredible and powerful benefits that it can provide.

As a prerequisite to standard meditation practice, it may be worth considering Guided Meditation. This is the simplest form of meditation whereby the person performing the meditation is guided throughout the whole process by a guru or master from the beginning of the meditative session to the end.

How Guided Meditation Works

The master or guru will provide step by step instructions that you will follow during your meditation session. This is a very old form of meditating and performed in groups being led by a guru. Due to the advent of technology, you, as the practitioner can perform this practice without the need for the physical presence of a guru. With the use of pre-recorded CDs and DVDs, you can listen to the instructions from a guru/master and perform this in the comfort of your homes.

It is important to be aware of the fact that there are different kinds depending on the techniques provided by the guru and there may be different sets of instructions. Vipassana is one of the techniques used by instructors. Vipassana involves focus on the breathing process, visual imagination, mantra recitation or japa, prayer meditation, dancing meditation and also mindfulness meditation.

If you want your meditative experience to be effective, you will need to listen carefully to the instructions given in the Guided Meditation and act on them accordingly. Regular Guided Meditation sessions will ultimately create the peace and stillness of mind that.


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