Meditation on Insomnia

Many people suffer from insomnia and the numbers continue to grow. Insomnia may be caused by different factors including work, family, generally the stresses and strains of everyday life. Insomnia is said to be a common cause of several different diseases and health issues such as heart attacks, strokes, hypertension and other vascular diseases.

If insomnia is not treated immediately, it may lead to one of the above mentioned health issues. People that suffer with insomnia try many different methods to combat this issue such as consultations with physicians, self medication (not advisable) but one of the best ways is through the practice of meditation, especially guided meditation. Regular meditation sessions will relieve the negative effects of insomnia, as well as reduce the unnecessary worries and anxieties of daily life.


Guided Meditation for Insomnia


A person will experience sleepless or unsettled nights when the brain continues to work even if they are in the ‘state’ of going to sleep (alpha brainwaves). Some people still have and active state of mind (beta brainwaves) even though they are in the course of going to sleep. Stress causes this scenario and thus meditation is one of the best ways to combat this. Meditation will help relax your mind and allow you to fall into a deeper sleep more quickly.


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