Mala Beads for Meditation

Mala beads are also known as japa beads, guru beads or rosary beads and have been used for thousands of years by practitioners of Buddhism, Hinduism and Yoga for their spiritual and healing properties. They are used to promote energy, good fortune, healing and health.



Mala beads are a useful tool to keep your mind focused on meditation and the reciting of mantras. A mala is made up from 108 beads and the mantra is recited once on every turn of a bead, thus the mantra is recited 108 times per cycle.

The chain of beads contains the Semeru bead (Guru Bead); the cycle starts here and continues until the Semeru is reached after 1 full cycle. The Semeru bead is not counted or passed and once the Semeru bead is reached the mala is turned and the cycle continues in the opposite direction.  At the point where the Guru bead is reached you take a moment to reflect on relationships with the divine, the universe and your Guru. After reflection, the session can end or the mala turned and the cycle begins again.

Mala beads are made from various materials and it is the properties of those materials that aid in the spiritual development.

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