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Introduction to Mantras



A mantra is an amalgamation of various sounds or words that give out vibrations that can affect the mind and body. Mantra repetition is known as ’japa’ and can be performed anytime, anywhere to promote healing, raise and develop spiritual awareness. Different mantras can be used to for different purposes, as with the above mentioned benefits but also to develop intelligence, attract relationships and gain enlightenment.

Any word can create a physical vibration in our body and different words can have different effects. One popular mantra is ‘Om’ or ‘Aum’ which, according to the scriptures was sound created upon the creation of the universe, the ‘Big bang’.

A mantra can be recited aloud or in the mind. It is important when reciting mantras that the follower has belief and from this belief comes the true effect of the mantra. Beginners should initially recite the mantra slowly to gain understanding of the pitch and pronunciation and as this develops so does the speed at which it is recited. An increase in speed automatically increases the energy levels, conscious awareness and vibrations of the follower.

As with meditation and trying to quieten the mind, you may find that your mind wanders and deviates away from the mantra; to gain full effect it is important to retain focus on recitation. One method to achieve this is through this is use of mala beads. Mala is a chain of 108 beads made from various materials and used to keep the mind focused on meditation and japa. The practitioner recites the mantra on each turn of a bead until a full cycle (108 beads) is completed. Click here to find out more about mala beads.

Mantras or japa can be a very powerful tool in the development of raising spiritual awareness. After prolonged use of japa, an individual may reach ‘ajapajapam’, a state where the mantra is repeated subconsciously or in  a state of constant awareness of the mantra. The use of japa does not only affect the person who recites them but anyone that hears them.

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