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A guided meditation is a concept whereby the practitioner is lead during the process of meditation. This can be done in a classroom environment with guidance from a meditation teacher or via CD/MP3.

Guided meditations are an ideal way to begin your journey into meditation; your mind will be focused on the teachers voice.

The gentle music playing in the background and the visualisations put to you by the teacher; this method dissipates somewhat, the annoyance of distractions when practising other forms of meditation where we practice to try and quieten the mind.

At the beginning of the session you will be asked to find a comfortable position for meditating whether that is sat in the lotus position, on a chair or laid down, the choice is yours. Your teacher will then begin the process of guiding you into a state of relaxation and calm.

There are many different types of guided meditation. These include:-

• Stress Relief and Relaxation
• Balancing your chakras
• Guided Meditations for Sleep
• Guided Healing Meditations
• Guided Mindfulness Meditations

Choose one that is based around your own needs.

At the end of the session you will be gradually brought out of a state of deep relaxation and you will feel alert, relaxed and rejuvenated.

Because the music is recorded at different frequencies you will find that your brainwaves change from beta (awake and alert) to alpha (early stages of meditation) and then to theta (deep meditation) as you progress through the session. Very advanced practitioners may go beyond theta into delta waves (deepest state of meditation).

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