Guided and Mindfulness Meditation

In a guided meditation a practitioner is guided through the process and given steps and exercises to follow. Occasionally this is a one to one session but more often than not, the practitioner will use a CD.

Guided meditations are particularly useful if the person is trying combat stress, depression. anxiety, addiction or suffers with constant worry or agitation. Some guided meditations are just audio files, whilst others contain video; regular use will ultimately aid in the resolution of the related issue(s).

Free Guided Meditations


For those people wanting to eradicate anxiety related to their past or to their future then mindfulness meditation may be a good choice.

Mindfulness meditation is divided in stages. In the initial stage a practitioner will have to raise his/her consciousness and become aware of his/her own thoughts passing through their mind. In the latter stage, the practitioner will also have to be aware of oneself. This is the essence of mindfulness meditation, living in the moment with no direction of the focus. Concentration on the breath is also an important factor allowing the practitioner to become more aware of themselves and to live in the present.

What is Mindfulness Meditation

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